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This blog is very old and sadly I do not use it anymore. 

Booster Cushion Theatre Website

I just completed a website design course, and had to do a website for a client. Here is that very website. You can view the whole site by clicking here- Booster Cushion Theatre. Enjoy!


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DVD 2008 Showreel

Here is my latest 2008 Showreel.

When there is no label on a section it means I done everything, were as when the labels are shown I only done that selection of work.

Lets Rock Baby

This was the intro for my DVD 2008 showreel,I think I like this better than the showreel itself, anyway its really simple but..meh I like it, and I hope you shall too.


So my mate Jake Childs, done a environment for the music video we are helping on, so he done a model, textured it and even put some water in it. But after he sent me the test I found even tho it was good, it could be improved, so I worked my magic on it; changed the texture, put few more lights around, added a backdrop and got rid of the fog. And here is the final example.

So the first video he done himself, and the second half is what I done after the changes, Enjoy

Alfie-Big Heads

So I had this idea, create alot of difference characters but each have the same style. So I decided to play with the Idea and this is what I got...Big Heads, ok the name might be lame but I can change that in time.

Alife: So this is one of the first characters I decided to have a little test on (just so I could see if I was good enough), I think the end result isn't bad, but could be improved, oh well always next time right?

And here is the final movie of just 360 view.

Light Saber with a bit of fighting,

Ok so First of all I hate having to upload video files on Google or Youtube to show my work, Looking at cheap website hosting so I will no longer have to put up with this problem, but untill then I shall have to suck it up...

ANYWAY, This is much like the last lightsaber test I done, (few more effects) and a cool bit of fighting which i enjoyed doing. Learned a lot of things from the Yoda fights in Star wars, anyway heres a longer version.

LightSabers are Go.....

I'm always so busy now, but I thought I upload some work on here as I havent for a while. Heres some lightsaber effects I been doing for a short film.

Top left: original.

Top Righ: Rotoscoped Lightsaber with blur.

Bottom left: Lightsaber, with added colour.

Bottom Righ: Grain, Stopped camera shaking, White and black tone fixed so white is white and black is black, colour graded the footage to give it more depth.


Work for Active Dreamz

Out with the old and in with the new. Happy new year, anyway bellow are two links which I have done for the Digital Visual & Audio Design Company, Active Dreamz.

Please note the videos may take 3-10 secs to load depending on your connection.

Active Dreamz Logo introduction

Corn basket animation for client